Air Quality with GLOBE

Last year we took part in an initiative where we tested the air quality in our area using tubes sent to us by GLOBE. We compared our results last year to other schools around Ireland. We were one of 26 schools to take part and had the cleanest air ! This year we took part again but due to COVID 19 we are still awaiting results. It will be interesting to compare our results from this year with last year’s results.

Rainbow magic

Seeing the magic behind this chemical reaction.

How it works:

Milk is made up of mostly water but it does contain vitamins, minerals, proteins and small droplets of fat. The fat and proteins are super sensitive to changes in the milk and so when the dishwashing liquid is added a chemical reaction occurs.

The soap and fat work hard to join together, which causes the movement. When food colouring is added we are able to witness this chemical reaction occurring.