There is great excitement in Rang a 1 with the arrival of 5 caterpillars to our room. They are munching away and growing at an extraordinary rate. They will soon transform into painted lady butterflies and we will get to watch the whole process.  

Day 1 – caterpillars arrive
Day 5 – getting bigger by the day


Day 14 – caterpillars are turning into chryssallis


Rang a 4 did an experiment on refraction. they made an arrow change direction without touching it !! 



What was happening ?

Our eyes are using light to see various objects all the time, but when this light travels through different mediums (such as water & air) it changes direction slightly. Light refracts (or bends) when it passes from water to air. The straw looks bent because you are seeing the bottom part through the water and air but the top part through the air only. 

Classes involved: Ms Grealish


Senior Infants were learning all about magnetism and were using magnets to make their cars move. 

making predictions

Making the cars move
Picking up magnetic objects
Having fun with the magnets

Classes involved: Ms Brown’s / Ms Cotter’s 

Art & ICT

While looking at the works of both Vincent Van Gogh and Andy Warhol we decided to create some art of our own using apps on the iPad. We made some self portraits in the style of Van Gogh and some pop art portraits in the style of Warhol.

Urte in the style of Van Gogh
Hannah’s pop art portrait


Classes involved: Ms O Toole’s.


Maths activities

Mr O Flaherty’s class and Mr Kavanagh’s class took part in a Maths puzzles and problem solving workshop.

Each class was given 7 different puzzles to solve in groups. Each group had to take a strategic approach to solving the puzzle. This took place over the course of 6 – 7 weeks. At the end of the course of workshops the children showcased their problem solving skills in the Halla Mór and each group explained how to solve the puzzles and explained the strategies they used.








Classes involved: Mr O Flaherty’s & Mr Kavanagh’s.

Guzzler Energy

All our Junior Infant, Senior Infant & First classes (6 classes in total) took part in a workshop based around energy. We learned all about Guzzler and how he likes to guzzle energy. We learned how we can conserve energy in the classroom and at home. It was lots of fun. We also now appoint a consumption captain every week to keep an eye on our energy consumption in the classroom. Their job is to make sure no lights are left on when they are not needed, the whiteboard is switched off when not in use and the tap is not left running when people leave the bathroom. 

workshop certificate

Classes involved: Ms Bohan’s, Ms Pierce’s, Ms Hester’s, Ms Brown’s / Ms Cotter’s, Ms Hogan’s & Ms O Toole’s.