Video Making

5th Class had great fun making videos during “Buddies NOT bullies” week. We made a video to explain what bullying is to the younger classes in the school and we made another video about cyberbullying for the older classes.

Scratch & Google CS First

5th class have also been taking part in Google’s CS First program. They are very busy working at their own pace on their scratch projects.

Scratch fish project


Nearpod & Seesaw

5th class have their own class blog on Seesaw. We use it for homework and sometimes to record ourselves speaking Irish. Our teacher often posts Maths word problems that we can work on and answer for rewards like a piece of written homework off. During the “beast from the east” we also posted some photos of our snowmen.

Nearpod is an app that we use in class. It allows our teacher to create lessons and we can either do the lesson together in class or as a self paced lesson. We had a virtual reality trip of the Louvre when we were talking about France in our class. Its a really enjoyable way of learning.


Explorers education programme

Rang a 6 took part in the explorers education programme delivered by galway aquarium in conjunction with the marine institute. 

The Explorers Education Programme™ aims to build on Ireland’s marine and maritime heritage by increasing awareness of the value, opportunities and social benefits of our ocean wealth and identity.


David McGrath and his PHD student Ciara came to visit our rang a 1 & rang a 2 classes to talk about the pollution of our waterways. They brought some insects that they collected from our local river and were able to tell us that our local river is quite clean as those insects would not survive if the river was polluted. We had great fun figuring out which insects were in our sample and using the chart to determine which insects they were.

Lego League

A past pupil of Scoil Mhuire and previous winner of the Lego league came in and gave a talk to Rang a 5 during science week. It was great for our class to hear first hand all the work involved in the Lego league and what the team took from it.

Yeast & Carbon dioxide

The purpose of any leavener is to produce the gas that makes bread rise. Yeast does this by feeding on the sugars in flour, and expelling carbon dioxide in the process.
While there are about 160 known species of yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, commonly known as baker’s yeast, is the one most often used in the kitchen. Yeast is tiny: Just one gram holds about 25 billion cells. That amount of fungi can churn out a significant amount of carbon dioxide, provided it has the simple sugars it uses as food.

Rang a 5 had fun watching the yeast expelling carbon dioxide.

Classes involved: Rang a 5 Ms Joyce